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April 4, 2024

Dear Friends:

Thank you for supporting the work of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC).

Canada has had stories of the euthanasia deaths of people with disabilities based on poverty, homelessness and having difficulty obtaining medical treatment. The current story of the 27-year-old autistic woman in Calgary, who has been approved for euthanasia, pulls many of the stories together. Please read the article in the April newsletter that further explains the case. The woman’s father received a temporary injunction in late January to prevent his daughter from being killed by euthanasia. On March 25, a Calgary judge decided that he did not have the authority to prevent the death, but he stayed the injunction for 30 days to provide an opportunity for the father to appeal the decision. On April 2, the father appealed the decision and asked for a stay of the injunction to prevent the death of his daughter, at least until the court case is complete. The father believes that his daughter is experiencing suicidal ideation; she is not actually sick and her claims of suffering are based on her the requirement of suffering to be approved for euthanasia. The EPC will need at least $20,000 to gain intervention standing in this case. You can donate at this link.

My speaking tour in Scotland and the Isle of Man went very well. I spoke to many politicians in both jurisdictions. In the past few months, I have spoken in Slovenia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Italy. People are shocked by Canada’s experience with euthanasia. Some of these jurisdictions were unable to cover the cost of travel, so EPC covered the costs. Donations are needed to help us prevent killing in other countries.

Scotland recently introduced a deceptive euthanasia bill. The sponsor, Liam McArthur, wanted to claim that the bill is limited to terminally ill people so he redefined the meaning of terminal illness to include people with disabilities.

California legalized assisted suicide in 2016, the same year that Canada did. California and Canada have a similar population. Much has been written about the fact that California has a lot fewer assisted suicide deaths than Canada’s euthanasia deaths. A California Senator has introduced bill SB 1196 to expand California’s law to potentially include euthanasia, to eliminate the terminal illness requirement, to eliminate the waiting period and to approve assisted suicide for early stage dementia (undefined). We hope that California will reject SB 1196.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me in the 30 km Around the Bay run in Hamilton. Due to some incidents, the run became 35.4 km, but I did very well for me.

With meeting politicians in countries that are debating euthanasia and our plan to intervene in the case of the 27-year-old autistic woman, EPC needs your financial support. Please make a donation this month.

Likely because of student research, the EPC blog at www.epcblog.org had more than 160,000 readers from around the world in March.


Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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