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April 25, 2024

Dear Friends:

Thank you to those who responded last month to our donation appeal concerning the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition’s (EPC) intention to intervene in the case of the Calgary man who is trying to stop the euthanasia death of his 27-year-old autistic daughter. EPC will need minimally $20,000 to intervene in this case. Please be generous.

The Calgary father has already been incredibly successful. His daughter was originally scheduled to be killed on February 1st. She has been protected from being killed by euthanasia until after the Court of Appeal makes a decision. The Court will not hear the case until October.

Professor Patricia Casey, a leading Irish psychiatrist, has warned Ireland that their proposed euthanasia bill will permit similar cases such as the autistic Calgary woman who was approved for euthanasia and the 28-year-old autistic Netherlands woman who is scheduled to die by euthanasia in May.

Normand Meunier is a Québec quadriplegic man who died by euthanasia after developing a bedsore after being left on a stretcher for 95 hours in an emergency room. These tragic stories awaken people to the problems with Canada’s healthcare system but they also warn the world not to follow Canada’s example of killing by euthanasia.

The 2023 Netherlands and Belgian euthanasia reports were recently released. The Netherlands report indicated a 20% increase in euthanasia for psychiatric reasons while the Belgian report indicated that euthanasia for psychiatric reasons nearly doubled. Both countries also had significant increases in euthanasia deaths in 2023.

EPC helped to defeat the California assisted suicide expansion bill. We were pleased when the sponsor “pulled the bill”. The bill would have changed the law by permitting euthanasia (homicide) and extending the law to people who are not terminally ill. EPC was disappointed that many of the other groups were unwilling to state that this bill allowed doctors to actually kill their patients by euthanasia. We expect that a similar bill will be introduced next year.

I was reading a fundraising letter from a leading death lobby group that focused on the expansion of euthanasia to people with dementia. Limiting euthanasia to competent people was a “selling point” while we debated the legalization of medical killing but once it became legal, euthanasia for dementia is sold as a compassionate act.

EPC is actively opposing assisted suicide in several US states; we are working with allies in the UK, and we are preparing our intervention in the case of the Calgary father. I have been asked to speak in England and Scotland to bring awareness of Canada’s euthanasia reality. All this is possible through your support. Help us to continue creating awareness and preventing killing by medical poison.

Several monthly donors have been forced to stop their monthly donations. Please become a monthly or regular donor. Call the office at 1-877-439-3348.

The EPC blog, www.epcblog.org is the world’s leading source of information. Thank you for your support. 

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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