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September 2, 2022

Dear Friend:

In August, Health Canada released the 2021 euthanasia statistics (click here to access the Third Annual Report) showing an increase in killing by nearly 33% to 10,064 representing 3.3% of all deaths in Canada. Since the Québec euthanasia report indicated a problem with under-reporting, we can assume that the actual number of euthanasia deaths is higher. The report indicated that there are regional disparities with 4.8% of all deaths in British Columbia and 4.7% of all deaths in Québec reported as euthanasia while 1.2% of all deaths in Newfoundland were reported as euthanasia. There is an article in our newsletter (click here to see the September newsletter) with more of the data, nonetheless euthanasia is out-of-control in Canada.

At the same time, over the past few months several stories of people who live in poverty, people with disabilities and people with mental illness, being approved for or dying by euthanasia have been reported by the media. There are signs that the push-back to Canada’s permissive euthanasia is not going to stop.

A recent editorial in The Globe and Mail stated that Canada needs to reverse course on euthanasia for mental illness alone (see article at this link) and recent National Post articles have challenged the very basis of Canada’s euthanasia law.

The Canadian veteran who is living with PTSD and who was urged by a Veterans Affairs worker to seek euthanasia has caused a world-wide reaction. We now know that the Veterans Affairs worker did not only suggest euthanasia once, but continued even after he was told to stop. The worker bragged that he had “helped” others with PTSD to die by euthanasia.

Another veteran contacted me and told me that he was part of a support group for veterans with PTSD. He wondered if euthanasia would change their motto: “I’ve got your back.”

Media articles from around the world are wondering if, “Canada is getting real comfortable with killing [people with disabilities]” (National Post), “Will future Canadians owe [people with disabilities] an apology for euthanasia?” (The Washington Post), and “Why is Canada euthanizing the poor?” (The B.C. Catholic). A recent article explained how, “Canada’s broadening [euthanasia] law dangerous for the vulnerable” (The Epoch Times).

The number of media inquiries that I have responded to is incredible. Sometimes we aren’t featured in these articles but we are making a huge difference. We will continue; we will not stop opposing the killing.

On September 16 I am attending a meeting of leaders who oppose euthanasia in Brussels, Belgium. The child euthanasia issue led to new groups of people who are opposed to euthanasia in Europe. On September 24 I will be running a half-marathon fundraising run. I hope you can support me in this run. EPC-USA has a national conference in Connecticut on October 15, titled: Caring about Everyone.

We continue to receive calls for help, to share stories and information while connecting people with reporters who will tell their story. We continue working to build opposition to killing. But we require your continued donations and support. Please donate to our work this month.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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