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January 11, 2023

Dear Friend:

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) was successful in assisting several people to prevent a euthanasia death. We are thankful every time a killing is prevented but 2022 was a terrible year for euthanasia deaths in Canada.

We are successful when we work in coalition, sometimes silently and other times publicly. EPC distributed more than 20,000 postcards opposing euthanasia for mental illness. Recently the government announced that they are delaying the implementation of euthanasia for mental illness. This is only the beginning. Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2022.

January is a great month to renew your 2023 EPC membership. Please help us by becoming a monthly donor (call 1-877-439-3348).

The annual Québec euthanasia report was released on December 9, stating that euthanasia deaths were up by 51% representing 5.1% of all Québec deaths. Amy Hasbrouck examined the report and found a discrepancy of 289 euthanasia deaths. Only Québec has multiple reporting streams that enable us to uncover problems in the law.

On December 15, Justice Minister David Lametti announced that the government will delay the implementation of euthanasia for mental illness but the government has not cancelled it. It is our goal to prevent the expansion of euthanasia for mental illness, child euthanasia, and euthanasia by advanced directive. The killing must stop.

On December 23, a coalition of disability and human rights groups sent a letter to Justice Minister Lametti asking that the government reverse Bill C-7. The same disability rights groups have assured their members that they will not recommend, suggest or refer anyone for (MAiD) euthanasia as has been experienced by Canadian veterans. We support these efforts, but we recognize that as much as poverty, homelessness and an inability to receive medical treatment has exasperated the number of euthanasia deaths, the problem is that killing is permitted.

We have great news. On December 19, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided that there was no right to assisted suicide in Massachusetts. EPC-USA not only submitted a “friend-of-the-court” brief, but we were the only group to be given the right to present oral arguments during the hearing before the court. We thank Alliance Defending Freedom for representing EPC-USA. Also, in early December, a judge dismissed a case to expand the California assisted suicide law to include euthanasia. This is great news as it prevented the death lobby from expanding assisted suicide to euthanasia in California.

January is a great time to renew your EPC membership and to become a new monthly donor. We are incredibly thankful to everyone who supported us with your donations in 2022 and we seek your continued support in 2023. EPC continues to make a difference in Canada, the US and world-wide.

EPC is a non-profit corporation that exists through your financial support. Your support saves lives.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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