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Catholic hospitals must not be forced to provide euthanasia (MAiD).

Dear the Hon. Adrian Dix

Dying With Dignity has launched a campaign to force religiously-based health care institutions in British Columbia to provide euthanasia (MAiD). The euthanasia lobby is basing their lobbying efforts on the case of a woman who wanted to die an assisted death and was transferred to a hospice based on her request for an assisted death.

Firstly, the law does not require every health care institution to kill their patients by euthanasia. Secondly, Catholic health care institutions have a long history of providing excellent care. Thirdly, this woman was not abandoned. She was provided excellent palliative care, but when she insisted on dying by an assisted death, the Catholic hospital transferred her. Catholic hospitals do not hide the fact that they do not provide euthanasia. We live in a pluralistic society. Catholic hospitals provide excellent care based on a long religious tradition.

Catholic medical institutions must not be forced to provide euthanasia (MAiD).

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