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Entangled 2: Betrayed From Within by Jen Romnes


Entangled 2: Betrayed From Within

“Dan wasn’t his wife, Darlene’s, other half. He owned her. His domination took a toll when he treated both her and their only daughter as objects to toy with. Eventually, Darlene became so debilitated from a mysterious illness that he had her locked in a derelict institution—from which Darlene wanted to escape.
After carefully crafting his “Mr. Benevolence” persona to impress Darlene’s healthcare team, Dan refused to let their daughter, Jen, know anything about her mother—buttressing his actions behind powerful privacy legislation. Jen and her mother were at a complete loss, as Darlene’s rights were stripped away. When Jen sought answers, each hard-won revelation was worse than the next in a world gone morally askew.
Finally, Jen had no choice but to confront her cruel father, the master manipulator. Jen thought a high-stakes court case would prevail and prevent the catastrophic loss of her mother. But then an even more deadly threat arose. Unfortunately, the solution was linked to her own father—a man who was motivated to hurt her the most.”

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