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Why should you or your group become a member?

1. Because we specialize in the field of euthanasia and assisted suicide. It is important that we implement a strategy in a multi-dimensional fashion. The fact that we are a specialized organization allows us to work with many groups who share our common concerns, but who have different focuses.

2. To network with other groups who share a common concern. It is important that many groups with a different focus join us in a common strategy. Only then will their opposition to “mercy killing” and our strategy be effective.

3. Because we are involved with gathering information and resources. We need to be able to objectively support our position. Our position is based on the truth and the facts.

4. Because we produce the materials and resources that are necessary to effectively oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide. By becoming a member, you and your group will be able to access resources that are produced specifically to support the vulnerable and oppose assisted killing.

5. To be part of a distribution system of information and resources. We need contacts and supporters who are willing to learn and spread knowledge in order to change people’s hearts and minds.

6. To be part of a strategy that is oriented toward shifting attitudes. Your input, participation, and response to our ideas is important to us. We believe that prohibitions against assisted killing are maintained by implementing an effective strategy that includes partnerships with outreach services, hospice and palliative care professionals, disability and special interest groups, pro-life and religious groups, others and you.

We need your partnership. We cannot do it without you!

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