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Made to Live – A Physician’s Journey to Save Life By Paul Saba M.D.


Made to Live depicts a physician’s journey to save lives. Dr Paul Saba begins his story with the battle to save the life of his baby girl, Jessica, who was born with a severe congenital cardiac malformation. He describes the challenges of facing difficult diagnoses through both his personal experiences and those of his patients. This book debunks the myths of euthanasia and assisted suicide. Dr Saba’s battle has taken him to the Canadian courts, where he has been silenced from challenging Canada’s euthanasia laws. He has been forbidden from utilizing the Canadian Constitution and presenting his arguments in court to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide. Dr Saba believes no one can know what the future holds. Hope and loving support can overcome many obstacles in life’s journey. In the end, we are all “made to live,” as his daughter Jessica inscribed on one of her paintings at seven years old.

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